Fitness Classes

Change your exercise, Change you life and Get Results. To get the results, you need intensity and variety. Our classes are high intensity, low impact and constantly varied workouts. With our small group training classes, you’ll get the same attention as you would with a personal trainer but receive encouragement and motivation from a small group working toward one goal.

We keep classes small to ensure that each client feels supported, successful and motivated to work at the intensity that’s right for them. If you thrive working out in a group – we have a class that’s right for you. Most classes are 60-minutes and include a dynamic warm-up followed by skill training and strength and conditioning intervals that are designed to improve your benchmarks.

Body Center Fitness: Fitness Classes
Body Center Fitness: Personal Traing


Clients who are looking for one-on-one attention will find that our personal training sessions are completely tailored to their needs.

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Body Center Fitness: Fitness Classes


Experience real exercise like never before. Addressing all elements of fitness in a small group environment.

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