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Rather than trying to train specific muscles or cardio, we train for better movement, hence our slogan…“Changing the way you look by Correcting the way you move!”. In fact, our workouts can make you even more fit and stronger than you might imagine—no matter how fit you are to start with. Why not come in for a few sessions and let us show you how?

The goal of movement training is critical to quality of life: to maintain or restore abilities such as lifting, reaching, agility, stepping up, squatting (i.e., sitting and standing), and running. Our safe methods of developing strength, range, and flexibility, whether to restore lost movement or to increase an already high level of fitness, allow our clients to exceed their expectations.

Lose body fat. Build lean sexy muscle. Increase strength, mobility. Boost your energy and endurance levels. No matter what you aim to achieve the Body Center Fitness can greatly improve your chances of attaining your fitness goals.

Personal Training

Personal Training at The Body Center Fitness is truly a customized approach to meeting your needs as an individual. We will develop a systematic and carefully planned program design to help you safely reach your goals in a finite time period.

You’ll be provided with the highest level of accountability, motivation, and knowledge to help produce life changing results an incredible shapely body and empowerment for success everywhere else in life.

While you are provide with the know-how and safety you are the one who has to do the work. Without the work there are no results. In order to experience life changing transformation, you will be held accountable to not only work hard during your training sessions but also the other 6 days and 22hrs of week as well. .

We will use Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound goals to keep motivated as you progress with your fitness levels. We will never waste time doing random exercises just for the sake doing something different. Workouts are fun and challenging but all ways with a purpose.

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We’ll work together to (1) evaluate your needs and establish goals, (2) learn safe movements that will be used in the workouts, (3) understand the functional approach to training, and (4) come up to speed skill-wise with all movements and workouts in order to reach your goals and to join our classes if you wish.

We never ask you to do anything beyond your ability. Instead we have lots of ways to get you there through modifications to the exercises. Almost everyone uses some sort of modification to at least some exercises, so you never have to worry about being unable to keep up. Come on in and let us show you.

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You want the most out of your life. You demand the best. You are not afraid of greatness. At the Body Center Fitness, our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself possible. The Body Center Fitness provides the experience, knowledge, and motivation to help you achieve all your health & fitness goals.

You will change your life. You will see results. You will have the support and guidance needed to reach all of your fitness goals.

We encourage you to call or email to set up your free 1/2hr personal training session and consultation. I am looking forward to meeting you and hope you make The Body Center Fitness your home of fitness!

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Clients who are looking for one-on-one attention will find that our personal training sessions are completely tailored to their needs.

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